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    Filtered Hydration Bottle

    Watercura’s® filtered water bottle features advanced two-stage filtration technology that eliminates both chemical contaminants and bacteria. This unique bottle provides you with the safest, cleanest drinking water possible.

    This easy-to-use bottle eliminates the problems experienced in the use of many other filtered water bottles. The 100% silicone body and large mouth opening only require a small squeeze to provide you with a drink of water. The tough plastic cap and soft silicone body resists breakage up to 12 feet and the button-activated plastic cover protects against germs.

    This stylish body, available in fashion colors, allows you to have fresh, filtered water on the go and substantially lessens the amount of plastic water bottles left in landfills each year. Just replace your filter every season and you will have safe and good-tasting water all year long.

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    Watercura Portable Filter

    There is no other water filter in the world as effective, as the compact Watercura® Portable Water Filter. This unique, easy-to-use portable filter brings you the safest, cleanest drinking water possible.

    Watercura’s advanced filtration technology not only eliminates harmful Synthetic Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Steroids, Cadmium, Pesticides, and Pathogens — it is the only filter on the market to eliminate 99% of bacteria found in tap water every day. This filter doesn’t just take out harmful contaminants in your water – it leaves in healthy nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

    Compact in design, the Watercura® Portable Filter is small enough to go anywhere and is engineered to fit most of your drinkware, pitchers, bottles and pet supplies. It is easy-to-grip and simple enough for anyone to use. Watercura’s unique top-fill design allows you to scoop water or fill it from virtually any source. Its innovative portable design features a large ½ liter funnel, germ resistant BPA free plastic, soft non-marking exterior grip, and a powerful replaceable filter that lasts for 150 liters. The Watercura Portable Filter is ideal not only for home, but can travel with you too … to sporting events, work, school, gym, camping, boating, travel, etc.

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    Bottle Replacement Filter

    Replacement filter for the Watercura filtered bottle.

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    Portable Replacement Filter - 2 Pack

    Replacement filter for Watercura Portable unit.

  • Countertop

    Countertop Filter

    The Water Initiative’s CounterTop unit lasts for 5 years without needing a filter replacement. This unit filters out pathogens, arsenic, fluoride, bacteria, chlorine and cysts. It is a low cost and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water and a better tasting and healthier alternative to tap water. With its fast flow rate it allows you to serve a quick glass of clean, healthy water or use it to fill up a pot for cooking. Our WaterCura Countertop unit already serves almost 500,000 people clean, healthy water in Northern Mexico alone.