About The Water Initiative

TWI is a healthy water solutions company serving consumer needs everywhere. TWI has developed the most comprehensive know-how in the POD sector. It co-creates products contoured to market needs and price points by maintaining a continuous feedback loop between customers and its R&D, field and community teams. TWI seeks strategic partners globally to fund and collaborate in the development and distribution of TWI’s customized solutions.

An international network of technologists, entrepreneurs and business professionals support TWI’s core team. Kevin McGovern leads TWI and has been the founder and key strategist for several world and category leaders, including SoBe Beverages (fastest growing US beverage company), KX Industries (creator and former key supplier to Pur, Brita and Electrolux water filtration products), and Tristrata (owner and distributor of the world’s leading skincare component, Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

TWI’s entrepreneurial management has played leading roles at GE Water, ITT/Xylem, The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, Pall Corporation, Sprint, Hatch Engineering, Severn Trent, Filtertek, Bell Labs, PerkinElmer, Amberwave, Pfizer, IDB and USAID.

TWI technologists are leading scientists from top institutions such as Cornell, MIT, UCLA, Harvard, Yale, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico.


Our Revolutionary "3D" Process

TWI uses a unique 3D process to expand into new communities and regions:

Diagnose: Local issues need local solutions. TWI immerses itself in the local community to understand their unique conditions and challenges. During this intensive study and analysis period, TWI performs extensive water sampling to create a local “water map” and works with the community/region/state to co-create affordable, convenient, effective and environmentally safe solutions.

Develop: Unique platform technologies. TWI co-creates community-specific, integrated, and appropriate platform technology solutions to specifically address local water challenges. TWI systems are most often implemented for home, school, hotel or hospital use.

Distribute: Prioritizing partnerships and job creation. TWI creates sustainable solutions and jobs for the locations in which it operates. TWI distributes through various channels including retail, developers and municipalities to penetrate previously untapped markets.


How It Works

TWI’s product technology platform is based on advanced materials research and selection of filtration, separation and absorption media in multiple stages.

5 stage chart ambient 3
  • 1
    Pre – Filter

    Prefilter removes large particulate contaminants.

  • 2
    Sediment Removal

    Filtration material removes sediment and small particulate contaminants.

  • 3
    Organic Contaminant Removal

    Organic Coconut shell activated carbon effectively removes a broad spectrum of harmful organic and unregulated contaminants including pesticides, steroids, hormones, industrial solvents and pharmaceuticals. This stage also improves the taste of water by removing chlorine.

  • 4
    Harmful Chemical Removal

    A metal oxide media removes harmful inorganic contaminants such as cadmium and mercury. Our advanced filtration technology Leaves In important beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

  • 5
    Particulate Removal

    Technology that was originally developed for NASA and now optimized by WaterCura, retains fine particles and removes chemical contaminants effectively.

  • 6
    Clean Water Delivery

    We create products that have the ability to deliver clean water at hot, cold or ambient temperatures. After the water is filtered, we test samples of the water to ensure our water quality at all times and make sure we are a trusted source of clean, healthy water.

The Water Initiative History

Since 2008, TWI has worked in global water markets, primarily in Mexico, South America and the Middle East. TWI’s total solution approach combines innovative processes and technology with local knowledge-based distribution, setting it apart from one-dimensional solutions that are not customized to meet local community needs. Water issues require local issue(s)-based solutions.

Through its unique process to diagnose, develop and distribute water solutions, TWI is the only enterprise with an integrated technology and local business strategy capable of delivering POD water solutions globally. In comparison to all other clean water solutions, TWI’s POD solutions out-perform all other competitors at a lower cost.

TWI has been awarded several municipal contracts in Mexico – the first time in water history that any municipality has determined that a POD solution is superior to central water treatment plants. TWI has installed over 60,000 POD devices for rural and urban homes to remove arsenic, bacteria and other regional contaminants from drinking water. TWI’s solution was 30% of the cost of all other options to remove contaminants at the well site and 16% of other POD (home/school) proposals submitted. In total over fifty (50) rural communities and ten (1) urban communities across 4 municipalities in Northern Mexico are positively impacted from the WaterCura installations, equating to approximately 500,000 people benefiting.

Currently, TWI is active in developing solutions across 6 additional Mexican States. Further, TWI has been engaged to design and install customized water solutions in the Middle East and is launching in South America: Colombia and Peru, to start.